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SAS Bearings
904-321-1414 904-321-1414

PF203-Z Round, 3 Bolt, Flangette, zinc plated - PF203-Z

PF203-Z  Round, 3 Bolt, Flangette, zinc plated


PF203-Z Series Round Flangette Standard Ball Bearing Unit Pressed Steel PF203 - PF207 Three Holes

* Two flanges are normally required to house a standard ball bearing unit.
THIS PRICE IS THE PRICE PER PIECE. * The spherical inside surface of each pair of flanges mates with the spherical outer surface of the ball bearing ring to provide self-alignment in any direction.
* Standard Stock Item is Zinc Plated


Engineering Specs can be seen by clicking on the print below the item. This item shows the bearing inside the flangette but the bearing IS NOT included in the price. For more information or to purchase any bearing within this series, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

You can contact us by either clicking on the contact link within the Information Box on the lower left hand side, or by the means listed below.