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SAS Bearings
904-321-1414 904-321-1414

SBRPP 202-10, 5/8" Bore, Rubber Mounted Stamped Steel PillowBlock w/set screw - SBRPP202-10


SBRPP202-10, 5/8" Bore,Rubber Cushioned, Zinc Plated Stamped Steel Pillow Block w/ set screw
Light duty

Unit Consists of: 1- Bearing ( with set screw) 1 Rubber Grommet (USA made) with spherical od on grommet. 1- Stamped Steel, Zinc Plated, Snap together, Housing

Mostly used in fan units. Rubber cartridge surrounds the bearing. The unit is encased in a zinc plated, stamped steel pillow block that snaps together to enclose both the bearing and the rubber grommet. This unit CANNOT be greased.

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